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The Return of San Juan in Camaguey
Carnival in Camaguey comes this year with the day of San Juan, recovering the traditional feast of the 18th century, reported the Cuban News Agency.

The ceremony will start from the balconies of the local government building, former Town Hall, as it was done three centuries ago.

Among the orchestras which confirmed their attendance to the carnival, are the Aragon, Maravillas de Florida, Giron and the bands lead by Candido Fabre, Pedrito Calvo and Haila Mompie.

Kids and adolescents will take the leading role in Sunday's festivities with parades accompanying floaters, dance groups, congas, costumes and decorated vehicles.

On the 24th, the feast will offer participants and visitors a succulent variety of authentic plates like ajiaco (stew of vegetables and meats), symbol of the San Juan's Day cuisine.

Streets, squares, night clubs and social recreation centers will be venues for dancing.

The fiesta is slated to conclude June 29 with the traditional burial of San Pedro, fake funeral with which the people of Camaguey end the festivity.

Considere done of the most colorful carnivals in Cuba, the local tradition had its origin in the confluence of the St. John celebration -originally from Europe- and the cattle fairs of the then Villa of Santa Maria of the Puerto Principe, today Camaguey.

Source: Prensa Latina

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