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Celorio, who just turned 100 years old is a man beating time
Sometimes my job has taken me to write about hundred-year-old people. It always seems that these beings are beaten by time, but in fact it is the other way around.

To find a good advisor in the image of an old man who carries the experience of an entire life, make us better human beings, taking into account that old saying that states theres no substitute for experience.

Few days ago we met Jose Manuel Celorio Celorio, who turned 100 years old last Sunday (Fathers Day), and he celebrated his birthday surrounded by his four children, six grand-children and the same amount of great grand-children, beisdes, with the satisfaction of knowing that time has not killed his clarity yet.

Words have an old face

"I was born in 1907 in these very lands former San Francisco property of Viñales municipality. I have lived here all these years, which now are a lot", says Jose Manuel showing his naughty blue eyes.

Though his grand-daughter Niurka helps him, because the only problem he has is a small sensory failure, he talks with Guerrillero and insists that his family is honest and hardworking.

And to illustrate that, he put his grand-children as an example: Marlenys is a captain of the Revolution Armed Forces, Diana and Yamira study Physical Culture, Yadira works in the sector of Tourism and Didiel is a cook in Cabo the San Antonio.

Even when there are many Cubans who have reached a century of life, the routine question comes out:

What to do to reach 100 years old?

"Ive always have good feeding and Ive worked a lot, because work does not kill anyone. It is true that I smoked, however I dont have any lungs problems. It is good to work out and to have some cups of coffe".

Celorio considers himself a lucky man, because he had the chance to study until sixth grade, something unusual for Cuban farmers at that time. Though the reader may find it unbelievable, he still recalls some poems her teacher taught him when he was a student. So he recited some stanzas for us.

But to recite poetry is not the only sample of perceptiveness he gave us, he asked his grand-daughter for the last edition of our paper and as a good reader and without wearing glasses, made a review of the headlines, summaries and texts of Guerrillero.

"I read Granma newspaper everyday and on Friday I add our paper. Here in this hill I have to know how everything goes in the world"

An old love, always new

He married just one time, when he was 36 years old, and although became a widower long time ago, he considers Librada an old, but always new love, that gave him many satisfactions, and specially the possibility to educate their children with the best values.

"To be a father means to be proud, but you must know the way to be a good dad. You cannot say to your kids how to do things right if you do not teach them with your example. You may be a poor person, but honest and thats the way you should educate your children, for being good fathers tomorrow".

Jose Manuel confesses he is happy, not only because he has turned 100 years old, or because he has the indispensable things to live, but also because of the justice, the love and tenderness this century has brought him.

A teacher of many theories, Celorio continues his life with joy, convinced that the tragedy of the old age is not to be old, but knowing the importance of good advices to reach longevity.

Source: By Daima Cardoso Valdés, Guerrillero

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