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Officials from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Cuba, member countries of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) agreement, are meeting in Havana to outline the legal framework for a joint venture that will boost communication services in the region.
Scheduled for January 2008, the project called "Grannacion" is aimed at boosting the telecommunications and information technologies in Latin America by providing safe and stable access.
"All member countries will have the same advantages and possibilities," said Cuban First Vice Minister of Telecommunications and Informatics Ramón Luis Linares Torres. Participants will discuss telephone services, the development of communications, future training workshops and infrastructure networks, among other topics.
"This project is an alternative to transnational companies and is much needed as part of the integration model for Latin America and ALBA members in particular," said Linares in the opening ceremony in Havana.
The meeting concluded last Saturday. The legal framework for the project should be approved during the next meeting to take place in Venezuela in December.
Source: Cubarte

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