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Elephants Loose in Havana

Where are those elephants now? How come they are allowed to roam like that in the city? What is it about them that people aren’t scared and want to come close, even touch them?<br /> Read More

Trade Union Leaders Will Meet in Havana for May Day

Trade union leaders of 50 organizations from 24 countries will participate in a solidarity meeting that will take place in Havana on May 2nd. Read More

Anti-Castro Cuban militant Posada Carriles indicted on new charges

An anti-Castro Cuban militant was accused Wednesday in a federal indictment of lying about his involvement in a series of 1997 bombings that targeted tourist spots in Cuba.<br /> Read More

More than 20 projects from eight countries are competing in Cuba Fest

More than 20 projects from eight countries are competing in the script category of the Low Budget Film Festival founded by Cuban director Humberto Solas, and set in the eastern city of Gibara. Read More

Lands Granted in Ciego de Ávila, Cuba Already Producing

After 32 000 hectares of land were granted in usufruct to approximately 3 000 inhabitants from the central Cuban province of Ciego de Ávila, the farms have already started to produce.  Read More

Petroglyph Cave: one of the cave art mysteries in Cuba

The Petroglyph Cave endures today among the mountainous regions of Viñales municipality, as one of the cave art mysteries in Cuba. Read More

Toxoplasmosis diagnose kit developed in Holguín, Cuba

The kit to diagnose toxoplasmosis in humans developed in Holguin uses singular antibodies, fluorescent markers, and antigens as its main diagnostic resources. Read More

Fetus Study Kicks Off Cuban Event

Studies on the rhythmic kicking of fetuses allow detection of valid signs for diagnosis of disorders in neuro-motor development of premature babies, said here Professor Lourdes Macias from Spain. Read More