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The embargo against Cuba will not change: US Larry Summers, economic advisor to Obama

The US economic embargo on Cuba will remain intact despite the two countries willingness to resume ties, says Larry Summers, Obama's economic advisor. Read More

Cuba afirmed in UN the position in favor of Nuclear Disarmament

Cuba reiterated before the UN that the elimination of nuclear weapons is a high priority issue and called for leaving behind any rhetoric about the issue and to fulfill "forgotten promises Read More

The educational system in Cuba has achieved great results in all the educational levels.

Cuban education shows a glowing picture of the country's education system, which the UN rates as one of the best in the world. Read More

Young people prevail in the nominees of Cubadisco 2009

The nominees to the important award were announced in a ceremony that took place last Wednesday at Riviera Hotel. Read More

The V Summit is coming to its end.

Today in the final day, all 34 leaders will hold a retreat at the Diplomatic Center. That will be followed by the closing ceremony, a signing of the Declaration of Port-of-Spain, and a final press conference at the center. Read More

Click Mexicana Airlines interested in Congress Tourism in Cuba

The airline Click Mexicana will expand operations to congress tourism in Cuba to meet the growing demand from Mexican clients. Read More

Deadly Bus Crash in Pinar del Río, Cuba

One person died and 56 were injured when a bus collided with a tractor in the western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio. Read More

"9 ways for US to talk to Cuba and for Cuba to talk to US" report that brings a Roadmap for Negotiations after the Summit of the

Report made by the Center for Democracy in the Americas, which offers U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuba’s President Raúl Castro a roadmap for negotiations on key national interest issues Read More