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December 22nd

Cuba: Party Time in the Largest Antillean Island

The Cuban archipelago, favored by its unique geographical location, exuberant nature and hundreds of kilometers of excellent beaches, also benefits from its people's customs to design a vacation offer for international tourism. Read More

New Book on Fidel Castro to Be Presented at the Reading History Festival

&quot;Así es Fidel&quot;, written by journalist Luis Baez, will open the Reading History Festival ongoing from December 22 to 27 at the Cuba Pavilion in Havana and at several sub-venues around the country.<br /> Read More

December 21st

Cubans art students to perform for the hurricane victims

Close to a hundred students from Havana art schools, members of the Nicolás Guillén brigade, performed in areas damaged by the recent hurricanes that affected Cuba.<br /> Read More

Raúl Castro in Cuba after Summits

Cuban President Raul Castro returned home with the delegation that accompanied him on short but intense visits to Venezuela and Brazil. Read More

Scorpion Poison Used in Cuba for Treatment of Cancer

For the first time in Cuba, scientists are using a natural medicine derived from scorpion toxin for the treatment of cancer. Read More

Adalberto Álvarez Awarded 2008 Cuban National Music Award

The award will be presented at a concert at the Karl Marx Theater celebrating 35 years of Álvarez’ artistic career<br /> Read More

New Coins Presented in Tribute of 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

Havana City Historian Eusebio Leal spoke about the value of the two coins that mark half a century of Cuban revolutionary history Read More

Spain Celebrates Cuban Revolution

Festivities for the 50 Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution increase Saturday in Spain as January first gets closer. Read More

Cuba Boosts Protection of its Largest birds

Specialists of Havana University and the National Institute of Flora and Fauna began monitoring the number of Cuban cranes, the largest specimens in the country.<br /> Read More

Cuban Farmers Increase Tobacco, Citrus Exports

Tobacco and citrus fruit crops of the western province of Matanzas will be rewarded with good results in both export items, according to an official report released here.<br /> Read More