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Archeological Diggings on Columbus First Sighting in Cuba
The San Antonio site assessing and excavation, east from Gibara Bay, called Rio de Oro, was the aim of this stage. Lourdes Pérez Iglesias, head of the expedition, stated that the site was sorted out as agricultural ceramists, and of great relevance. It is located 100 meters from the coastline and it is 247m long, covering an area of 19 506 square meters, rich in evidences of the life of the aboriginal inhabitants.

She declared that to one meter depth, ashes layers appeared containing plenty of remains of ceramics, and coral; hammers made of stone, and shells; bones of big sea creatures like the Manatee, and fish bones; as well as other samples proving a human steady settlement and an economy very sea-related. But it also gives further evidences to the hypothesis of this being the first meeting point between the Spaniards and local aborigins.

As stated by Colombus himself, in Bariay they had not met any inhabitants. Further proof will be to corroborate the dating using radiocarbon.
Pérez Iglesias added that the whole project will cover the area between the Sama and Gibara bays. Moving east to west archeologists have so far established ten new sites of interest.


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