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Cuba, Las Tunas: Grants Prizes of Ten-line Stanza
In the category of ten-line stanza for children, the jury granted the award to the work Aunque los genios no estén (Although the Geniuses Are Not Present), by Irelia Pérez Morales and in that same genre the mention went to Liset Saura Humbert with the book Las crines del viento (The Manes of the Wind).

The members of the jury, integrated by Olga Lidia Pérez Rodríguez, Alberto Garrido Rodríguez and Sergio Raúl Morales Vera, granted the prize in Décima Joven de Cuba (Young Ten-line Stanza from Cuba), to the work Cuerpo de Isla sordomuda (Body of Deaf-mute Island), by Diusmel Machado Estrada, due to the perfect symbiosis of the values and traditions in its lyricism.

In that same category the mentions went to the works Breve interrogación por el ser (Brief Question by the Being) and Voces en off (Voices in Off), by Alexander Aguilar López, and Wencier Pérez Ricardo, respectively, for their poetic successes in the construction and reconstruction of ten-line stanza.

The National Competition Todo Décima 2008, that is announced by the above-mentioned institution every year, promotes the study and the investigation on the ten-line stanza and some of its purposes are to encourage the study and cultivation of this genre in Cuba.


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