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95 poets from all five continents will assist to the 13th Havana International Poetry Festival in Cuba
The president from the Organizing Committee, the writer Alex Pausides, announced in a press conference that among the guests there are the Mexican Juan Bañuelos, the Paraguayan Susy Delgado, the Peruvian William Hurtado de Mendoza and the Guatemalan Humberto Ak'abal.

Spain, Mexico, Russia, the United States and Peru head the list of countries with the greatest number of delegates. There will also be participants from Austria, Canada, Barbados, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Among this years novelties there is the space dedicated to experimental projects such as poetic performances in which poetry and music go hand in hand.

One of the main dishes will be the World Poet Board in Defense of Humanity, qualified by Pausides as a life and permanent intellectual network that fights against war and in favor of peace and justice.

Together with this, there is also the meeting of native poets, in which there will be exponents of Mapuche, Wayú, Kamsá, Quechuá, Maya-Quiché, Aymara and Guaraní languages.


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