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Film on Che Guevara at Cannes Festival would be at the forefront to win grand prize
That is at least the first conclusion going on in this city of La Cote d Azur of France, where actor Benicio del Toro and film maker Steven Soderbergh, among others, keep on reiterating their admiration for the Argentinean-Cuban revolutionary man.

Del Toro (who played Oscar in "Traffic"), Puerto Rico-born and US resident, told media that he would be very pleased to hear Fidel Castro's opinion on his performing in the film directed by Soderbergh, one of the best Hollywood directors.

I spent five minutes with him, he was already aware about this project, he knew what we were doing and said he was very glad to see we dedicate so much time to a research of that period, he assured.

When going deeper on the research over the character, I was overawed by such a great personality, I was every time more and more overwhelmed by his magnanimity, he stated.

Soderbergh, on the other hand, emphasized he tried to go down in history as the great man he was, in the four hours and 28 minutes of the two long-length films entitled " El argentino y Guerrilla", to honor Che.

Prestigious film maker defended the idea of having made the film in Spanish language, to make it truly credible.

It is an extraordinary opportunity so that US know what it has certainly happened with Cuba and its Revolution, besides it allows us to confront our own history, Cuban actor Jorge Perugorria expressed.


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