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Cuba: Hunger is not new Issue in International Agenda
Fernandez said bringing the issue to the HRC is unprecedented and shows its fast and effective reaction to the worldwide crisis, reported Granma daily. During his address, he pointed out that hunger is not a new problem and has been on the agenda of the international organizations for years.

"We became accustomed to passively hearing the figure of 800 million starving. Hunger ceased to exist in the conscience of many as a problem that needs to be dealt with. It has been substituted by terrorism and climate change," said Fernandez.

He said that with the dramatic increase in the price of foodstuffs in recent months, millions of human beings have been sunk into poverty and marginalization in the so-called developing countries.

"The unequal and unjust distribution of wealth around the world and the unsustainable neo-liberal economic model are the true causes of this situation," said Fernandez.

The diplomat noted that those that die of hunger did so with the indifference of a wealthy world that spends US $8 billion a year on cosmetics and $17 billion on pet food and more than a trillion dollars a year on weapons and wars, reported Prensa Latina.


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