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January 5th

Outstanding Cuban Writer and Journalist Lisandro Otero Dies

Cuban writer Lisandro Otero, winner of the 2002 National Literature Prize, died on Thursday night. He was 75 years old. Read More

Cuba Achieves the Lowest Children's Mortality Rate in Latin America

Cuba achieved the lowest children's mortality rate in Latin America in 2007, with only 5.3 deaths per each one thousand born alive, outstanding figure compared with that of the developed countries. Read More

Cuban Elderly Vaccinated against Flu

The Cuban Public Health Ministry is carrying out a vaccination campaign against flu, which will benefit the entire population, especially the elderly, the National News Agency (AIN) reported. Read More

Tínima Brewery widens prospects in 2008

After a successful year, reflected in the production of some 11 million 24-bottle-beer cases, the workers of the Tinima Brewery in Camaguey slides into the year 2008 with magnificent investment prospects and a wider offer. Read More

Cuba will soon begin the construction of a new eolian park in the central region of the island with an electricity generation ca

Cuba will soon begin the construction of a new eolian park in the central region of the island with an electricity generation capacity of 10 megawatts. Read More

Polar Mass of Air Cools Down Warm Cuba

A cold spell coming from the North pole has caused a drop of temperatures in the western and central Cuba. Read More

Camagüey commemorates 49th anniversary of Fidel Castros triumphant entry into town

Once again, the people of Camaguey expressed its steadfast decision of defending the Cuban Revolution, at a rally that commemorated the 49th anniversary of the triumphant entry of Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro into the city. Read More

January 4th

Pinar del Rio takes care of a scarce bird in the rest of Cuba

Inhabitants and scientists of Sierra del Rosario, in Pinar del Rio province, work together to preserve a curious exponent of woodpecker, currently scarce in other regions of the country. Read More

Cuba's Major Toiletries Company Doubles Production in 2007

Suchel Camacho S.A., Cuba's major perfumes and cosmetics company, contributed with 60 million pesos to the domestic economy in 2007, by making twice their target for the period. Read More

A documentary on the last Cuban slave to be made

Spanish producing companies are preparing a documentary on the last Cuban slave, Esteban Montejo, who died in 1974 after living 114 years. Read More