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January 7th

Cuban ballet choreographer dies in Gainesville

Alberto Julio Rayneri Alonso died of heart failure in his adopted home of Gainesville, was best known for his 1967 work "Carmen Suite," the only Bolshoi Ballet ever commissioned by a on-Russian. Read More

Cuba Uses More Fuel Oil in Power Plants

So far, 77 million of a 91-million-peso budget have been invested in the project, whose magnitude can be measured by its generation capacity of 142.2 megawatts. Read More

Havana hosts 49th Casa de las Américas Literary Prize

They will be selecting the best among essays, short stories and poetry, the three genders to be considered in 2008. Read More

January 6th

Alejandro Lora gambled all on art and low budget cinema

He arrived in Cuba on a warm July afternoon, in 2006. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt and cheap shoes. His luggage consisted of a few clothes and the bulkiest: a video camera, a tripod and a computer with all the hardware necessary to make videos. Read More

Chilean Poet to Open Casa 2008 Prize

Twenty one writers and literature scholars will be in charge of selecting the award winning works from January 21 to 31, reviewing the selections in the fields of poetry, story, essay of historical-social subjects, Caribbean literature in French or Creole and Brazilian literature. Read More

Mexicans Thanks Cuba for Medical Assistance

A total of 47 doctors and nurses from the Caribbean island went in support to the citizens of Tabasco after flooding from over flown rivers and persistent rains hit the area this past October. Read More

Havana, a Vast Archeological Site

Conversation with Roger Arrazcaeta, director of the City Historians Department of Archeology, a scientific institution that celebrated its 20th anniversary. Read More

The Biggest Sugar Producer of Cuba Is About to Begin Harvest

A wire from the Cuban News Agency points out that the Antonio Guiteras should process 70 percent of the cane of the whole territory, at a rhythm of 11, 000 tons of sugar cane during 24 hours. Read More