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Cuba Discipline in Facing Hurricane Ike
Lazo attended a meeting of the Provincial Defense Council) in Matanzas, 63 miles east of Havana, where measures to face a possible category 4 hurricane have been discussed.

A hurricane watch is in effect for Matanzas since 9:00am local time today.

"We must get ready for the worst with discipline to preserve lives and possessions," he insisted.

"Only in Cuba we have been able to preserve human life, with not a single death during a hurricane's passage, as it was the case of Gustav recently, because of the people responsibility, discipline and solidarity," Lazo told Prensa Latina.

According to meteorology experts, Ike is expected to hit Matanzas at midday Monday, but strong sustained winds of over 93 miles and heavy rains may start lashing the province late this afternoon.


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