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Develops Oncoplastic Surgery in Pinar del Rio Cuba
A team of the surgical hospital Abel Santamaría that includes oncologists, plastic surgeons and other specialists is in charge of its application.

The new technique consists on the combination of plastic surgery and oncology, which allows along with the tumour removal, the breast reconstruction by a skin graft of the patient’s body.

Doctor Miguel Gómez Férnandez-Larrea, second degree specialist in plastic surgery and head of the team, explained that the surgery has been performed on over 10 women of the province suffering from that ailment.

He highlighted the encouraging results, since after the surgery there is a better symmetry of the breasts, and therefore the self-esteem of the patients is higher.

Milagros González, one of the benefited women, stated that she felt surer when the medical team explained the essence of the surgery to her, and today she is happy because the tumor has been removed and the esthetic of her breasts is better, all of it without having to pay a penny.

This method, performed in different hospital centres of the archipelago, improves human health and increase the life quality.


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