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The leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Congratulates Cuban Medical Brigade
In a ceremony held on Monday night at the Convention Center in Havana, Health Minister Jose Ramon Balaguer gave the certificates to the more than 30 health professionals who just returned from China, where they worked for 16 days helping the victims of the natural disaster that left almost 70,000 people dead and many more wounded.

“You have written indelible golden pages in the history of mankind. The weapons of imperialism crash against your dignity and conscience,” the diploma reads.

Balaguer said that, once again, the courage of the members of the Henry Reeve brigade was proven and also the solidarity of the Cuban people.

The group of medics and paramedics who worked in China was comprised by specialists in areas such as pediatrics, orthopedics, radiology, gynecology and traumatism.

During the ceremony, the Chinese Ambassador in Cuba, Zhao Rongxian, praised the assistance of the Cuban people and recalled the expressions of solidarity showed by the leaders of the Cuban Government and Communist Party.

Also during the meeting, the health professionals spoke of their experiences while working in the Asian nation.


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