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In Guantanamo Cuba opens the movie París 1936
The plot of the movie takes place in a suburb to the North East of Paris between December 1935 and July 1936, as the country was living through the Revolutionary atmosphere of the People’s Front. It is at that point when three workers from show-business decide to occupy by force the theater that had hired them some months earlier and launch themselves into the creation of a play.

Sponsored by the Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (Cuban Institute for the Arts and Movie Industry) (ICAIC in Spanish), the French Embassy in Cuba, the French Alliance, the Cuban movie library and Cinemanía, the event includes the exhibition of nineteen titles and a retrospective of the famous French director Jacques Demy, in which people may see five famous pieces from his production: Lola (1960), La bahía de los ángeles (1962), Los paraguas de Cherburgo (1963), Las señoritas de Rochefort (1966) and Piel de asno (1970).

Tony Mazón, programer from the Cuban movie library, one of the venues of the Festival together with the Yara and Acapulco cinemas and the Glauber Rocha room, informed that the opening took place with Juntos nada más (Only together), a movie directed by Claude Berri and performed by the popular actress Audrey Tautou, remembered by her participation in the romantic comedy Amélie, which was noted by movie lovers as well as the critic all over the world.

For Mario and everyone else, La serpiente (The snake), Se renta esposa (A wife for rent) and Flandres will be other full-length movies expected in the program. At the same time, there will be an exhibition of posters by Cuban designers on French movies.

The Festival will reach for the first time fifty rooms from all of the fourteen provinces from the country and it will include the presen    


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