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March 25th

J. Finlay Museum of Sciences Finally to be Restored in Cuba

Perhaps no other place in Cuba possesses so many traces of the nation's scientific heritage as the building found on 460 Cuba Street, locale of the Carlos J. Finlay Museum of Sciences since 1962. Read More

Bush in Heavens (II), Reflections by Fidel Castro Ruz

The leader of the Cuban Revolution deals with the "perturbed promenades" by Rice, Cheney and McCain, flooding the world of sinister prophesies and demanding commitments for the benefit of the United States, while, in Washington, Bush discusses the anniversary of the beginning of the war in Iraq. Read More

Cuba Looks to Replace Cooling Oil Imports used in energy transformers

Cuba has begun to produce the cooling oil that is used in energy transformers of up to 13.8 kilovolts with the objective of replacing the importation of the product. Read More

Documentary on Cuban poet Emilio Ballagas shoot in Holguin

Scenes of a documentary on the life of Emilio Ballagas Cubenas are filmed in Buenaventura, a town that the Cuban poet born in Camaguey city used to visit often, and whose family house has become a memory place today. Read More

Cuban International Master (IM) Fidel Corrales won the Open Chess Tournament of La Roda in the Spanish

According to the website of the event, Cuban International Master (IM) Fidel Corrales concluded the competition undefeated with six wins in his first six matches and three ties in the last three games. Read More

Cuban artists are participating for the first time in the International Fair of Lyon

Cuban artists are participating for the first time in the International Fair of Lyon that is underway in this French city and which will be dedicated to the Island next Friday. Read More

"Personal Belongings" a Cuban movie by Alejandro Brugues at Malaga Film Festival

Cuban movie Personal Belongings, that won in Havana and is made by Alejandro Brugues, will be showed at the Malaga Film Festival from the 4th up to the 12th of April. Read More

March 24th

Bush In Heavens (Part I), Reflections by Comrade Fidel

In this reflection I will go by the news received from different sources, including international cable services, -without specifically recognizing any of them as the information source, but strictly abiding by the text of the news-- books, documents, the Internet, and even questions asked to well-documented sources. Read More

In Holguin, Cuba, more than 165 people have chronic renal failure

Chronic kidney diseases (ERC) actually constitute a worldwide health problem, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO). Approximately 500 million people are affected by these diseases, more than one million people receive renal replacement treatment and one in every ten adults has some form of kidney damage. Read More

Camagüey, Cuba will Host 6th National Immunology Congress on March 27-29.

This province, which stands out for its achievements in this sector such as the creation of a vaccine against prostate cancer, will host 160 specialists from all over the country including immunologists, biologists, experts on rheumatism and allergies, among others. Read More