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Inklings of Economic Reform in Cuba

Farmers in Cuba can now buy their own supplies -- a departure from a decades-old system clogged with red tape in which the state assigned them inputs, and an important first step towards bolstering food production, say experts. Read More

Cuba Denounces Impunity Given to Terrorists At the UN

It claimed actions of the Council of Security against the acts terrorist anti-cubanos and the government's of USA tolerance toward these Read More

Director of the Latin American Institute of Museums (ILAM), Georgina di Carli, praised Cubas efforts.

The director of the Latin American Institute of Museums (ILAM), Georgina di Carli, praised Cubas efforts in the preservation and conservation of its tangible cultural heritage in spite of very difficult economic conditions. Read More

Europe says not to the U.S. embargo to Cuba in business

When ailing Fidel Castro resigned last month, stock prices of U.S. companies that stand to benefit from more business with Cuba rallied. Read More

Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero Help Cuban Five

The Rebelion on line daily Thursday urged Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to support the release of five Cuban anti terrorist fighters imprisoned in the United States. Read More

Leave Their Hearts in Cuba Argentine Rockers

The group Mancha de Rolando will take the stage to defend the banner of Argentinean rock here on the island, with a series of concerts that its members have promised as "a unique experience for us and for all those who will attend our live performances." Read More

Cuban government said it planned to build 30 new hotels between 2008 and 2010.

The Cuban government said Wednesday it planned to build 30 new hotels between 2008 and 2010 with the aim of increasing the number of rooms available to international tourists from 46,000 to 56,000. Read More

Cuba Promotes a strengthening movement of symphonic music

The creation of about 100 municipal bands and the broad extension of music schools are proof of a strengthening movement of Cuban symphonic music, affirmed an official of the Culture Ministry. Read More

United Nations will assist Cuba in 120 UN-sponsored development projects.

A total of nine municipalities of the western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio will benefit from the assistance of the United Nations as 120 UN-sponsored development projects are being carried out in the region, the Latin American News Agency reported. Read More