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Cuban Ambassador Ileana Nuñez it denounced World Violence against Women.
Cuban Ambassador Ileana Nuñez added that until environment and peace preservation and respect to all have become a reality, there will not be a substantial progress or benefit to women who are victims of war, invasions, foreign occupation and imposition of unilateral coercive measures.

The diplomat said that for Cuban women, as well as for the women in the whole world, Beijing's Action Platform is a vital tool to make progress in the commitments to achieve equality and justice.

Nuñez highlighted that 2008 is essentially important for the women's movement in her country, because the third National Seminar for Assessment of Beijing's National Action Plan to monitor the 4th UN World Conference about Women will be held.

She denounced the almost 50 year US unilateral blockade against Cuba and called it the longest and cruelest in history.

That genocidal action is the worst form of violence against Cuban women, said the official, who stated her country nevertheless shows substantial progress due to the Cuban social project of justice and equality to all.

That project is aimed at creating conditions for sustainable development, starting from devoting the limited resources we have to health, education, social security, and job guarantees.


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