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Cuba Preparing for May 1st International Workers Day

Cuban workers will celebrate "their day," the first of May, with activities to spotlight their unity and support for the Revolution, socialism, the Party, and Fidel and Raul Castro. Read More

Cuba was elected president of the Latin American Federation of Professional Congress Organizers (COCAL).

Cuba was elected president of the Latin American Federation of Professional Congress Organizers (COCAL) at the 25th congress of the organization held in Montevideo, Uruguay. Read More

Cuban Intangible Heritage: Tumba Francesa

Preserving the Tumba Francesa Slave Dance (French Drum), a well-defined, and quite unique music and dance tradition still practiced in Cuba, was the first issue to discuss at the 7th International Congress of Cultural Patrimony. Read More

The Doctor Who Sings: Liuba María Hevia

Little José Macías smiled at singer/song-writer Liuba María Hevia. The little Cuban boy has a serious neurological disease and he is a patient in the intensive care unit. While singing to hospitalized children there, Liuba was, at the same time, an artist, a fairy godmother and a doctor. Read More

Friday March 21, at Havanas National Theate Cuerda Viva Music Festival

The Argentinean rock band Mancha de Rolando begins a tour on Friday, March 21, at Havanas National Theater, as part of the Cuerda Viva Music Festival underway in the Cuban capital. Read More

Instructive and Full of Richness a Process in UNEAC Towards the 7th Congress

The poet Miguel Barnet, president of the organizing committee of the VII Congress of the Association of Artists and Writers of Cuba (UNEAC, after its initials in Spanish) described the debate process that preceded the event as instructive and full of richness. Read More

In Cuban Prisons a Cultural Work

"The cultural work at Cuban prisons will intensify with more systematic actions based on the experiences of the project 'Expedición (Expedition), organized by singer/song-writer Silvio Rodríguez," said Cuban culture minister Abel Prieto. Read More

Opens Emigrants' Conference in Havana Cuban Foreign Minister

Perez Roque praised the position in defense of their motherland of the 129 Cuban emigrants attending the conference, representing organizations based in 34 countries of the world. Read More

Help Out in Haiti: Cuban Social Workers

Cuban social workers who assisted with an energy-saving program in Haiti finished their effort and were bid farewell by Serge Raphael, director of the electric company of that country. Read More

Prepared in Havana CUBADISCO 2008 Festival

An opportunity to know from a first hand the discography made in Cuba during 2007 is, undoubtedly, the 2008 CUBADISCO Festival. Read More