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Presented: Sixty years of bilateral relationships Canada-Cuba in Spanish, in Havana, Cuba.
The Spanish edition of Canada-Cuba Relations: The Other Good Neighbor Policy (Sesenta años de relaciones bilaterales Canadá-Cuba in Spanish) was printed by the Ciencias Sociales publishing house.

According to Granma news daily, it presents a broad perspective on the continuous relations maintained between the two peoples and governments built on the basis of understanding and respect for the free flow of ideas with regard to national and international policies.

Speaking before a large audience, Dr. Rafael Hernandez, director of Temas magazine, described the book as "pioneering" in the dimension of diplomatic studies. During his exchange with the audience, Kirk focused on the different stages that have marked communication between the two countries.

He stressed that Canada never gave in to Washingtons pressures to break its relations with the island and added that the book also refers to the personal friendship between former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Canada-Cuba Relations: The Other Good Neighbor Policy by Kirk and McKenna was first published in English by the University Press of Florida in 1997.


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