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Cultural Magazine Lettres de Cuba:  Publishing the Third Number of the 2008.
Between the 7th and the 13th of March will be held in Santiago de Cuba the "Santiago Álvarez In Memoriam" International Documentaries Festival from a perspective of the documentary cinema as a denunciation weapon of the people and between the 17 and the 21 will be held at the Convention Palace the 7th International Congress "Patrimonio Cultural: Salvaguarda y Gestión". It is an international congress about the ethical and legal framework in defence and protection of the cultural patrimony. From the 26 ansd until the 30 of the same month will be held the "Habana Vieja Ciudad en Movimiento" International Meeting of Dance in urban Environments that will boost the artistic creation and the development of the creators and dancers. It common objective is to revaluate the historic and cultural memory of the architectonic patrimony of the city. We have to mention the number of conferences, debates, cinematographic and artistic exhibitions that will be held between the 16 and the 23rd of March to celebrate the French culture in our country.

And since Lettres de Cuba is also a monthly cultural event, we offer our dear readers a variety of very interesting texts, accompanied by a select number of artistic images.

The section Reencuentros, invites the reader to enjoy two texts. In the first one Mayrelis Pedraza tell us about the visit Christine Van Asshe, curator of the Collection of New means of the Georges Pompidou Modern Art Museum of Paris, made to our country, while in the second one the researcher Avelino Couceiro explores the infinity of links between Belgium and Cuba, from the colonial days up to nowadays.

The usual interview is made by Rosa Barreras to the artist, editor, theorist and critic from Quebec Richard Martel, who will take part in several activities that will be held during this French week in Cuba.

Letres, on the other hand, offers two works of exceptional Cuban intellectuals, to who was dedicated last international Book Fair. From Graziella Pogollotti we are presenting the essay Los polémicos sesenta (The polemic sixties) in which the famous essay writer tells the complex situation of the Cuban revolution of those years. From the Cuban dramatist and poet Anton Arrufat, we are delivering Virgilio Piñera: entre él y yo, un fragmento de su obra La Muerte en Vida (Virgilio Piñera: between he and I, an extracto f his work Death in Life).

Los Tesoros give us two Works: a store about the Havana Lighthouse, written by the historian Gustavo Placer Cervera and the first part of a historiography work about the practise of reading in our country, published under the title Para hablar de lectura en Cuba colonial (To talk about reading in the colonial Cuba), made by professor of Havana University, Majela Guzmán Gómez.

Artes proposes an article of the researcher Mercedes Santos Moray about the influence of the Belgian writer Maurice Maeterlinck in the Cuban movie Madrigal. A second part of this section has a text in which Marta Guzmán Pascual pays tribute to the Dutch Master Hubert de Blanck, founder and director of the First National Conservatoire of Music in 1885.

Leer a Martí proposes the poem "Femmes", part of the free verses of the Hero, written between 1878 and 1882 and an indisputable evidence of the originality and greatness of the Marti, a Cuban world politician, journalist and poet.

The number is illustrated by Sándor Gonzáles Vilar, one of the famous artists of the Cuban current painting. Sandor was graduated in year 2000 from the san Alejandro National Arts Academy. There, he was an engraving teacher. This young creator is characterised by expressing in his work, by using white and black colours, the daily distress of contemporary men.

You have in your hands, dear readers, a varied selection of texts with unquestionably quality and particular design, accompanied by beautiful aesthetic images that invite you to completely enjoy our magazine. We hope the good taste will last until the arrival of the surprises of the new number.


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