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Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) can cooperate with Cuba in oil and natural gas exploration

"TPAO is eager to join natural gas and oil exploration tenders in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador," Guler told reporters after meeting Marta Lomas Morales, the Cuban minister of foreign investments and economic cooperation, in capital Ankara. Read More

Dismissing immediate reassessment of the Cuban peso

The Cuban government dismissed an immediate appreciation of the Cuban national currency, peso, and stated that rumors drove thousands of people to sell their exchangeable currency at the beginning of March. Read More

Is Google blocking Cuba?

The greatest and the most used internet explorer has closed some of its services without a clear explanation which are inaccessible from Cuba. When requesting the Google bar, a brief sign in English says "We are sorry, but this service is not available for your country". The same answer appears when requesting known services like Google Earth, Google Desktop Search, Google Code or Google Toolbar. Read More