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Increases Use of Computer Science in Educational Sector in Ciego de Ávila, Cuba.

Ciego de Ávila province started the social connectivity project of the Ministry of Education Net by giving services at the René Ramos High School, attended by university students over the weekends. Read More

Thirst for blood (I): Reflections by Comrade Fidel

The empire is not resigning itself to being the only loser at the Rio Group meeting held in Santo Domingo on March 7th. It wants to set up the bloody mess once more. It is not difficult to demonstrate it. Read More

President of Cuba, Raúl Castro, Gave his Regards to the Mexican Counterpart.

The president of Cuba, Raúl Castro, gave his regards to the Mexican counterpart, Felipe Calderón, through Patricia Espinosa, Minister of Foreign Affairs of that country. Read More

"Thanks Cuba for Cuito Cuanavale": South African Minister of Culture.

South African Minister of Culture Pallo Jordan thanked the Cuban people for its outstanding participation in the crucial victory of Cuito Cuanavale, in Angola, which led to the defeat of the Apartheid regime. Read More

Thousands of Cubans took part on Saturday in the Terry Fox Run against cancer

Thousands of Cubans took part on Saturday in the Terry Fox Run against cancer, a disease that has killed millions of people worldwide. Read More

Cuban's Game in Tampa and their Repercussion

The defection of seven Cuban soccer players and an assistant coach in Tampa last week begs the question: What was CONCACAF thinking when it scheduled Cuba to play 2008 Olympic qualifying games in Florida instead of Carson, Calif.? Read More

You Are the "Punto Cubano": Celina González

Born on March 16th, 1929, in Jovellanos, Matanzas, Celina González stood out as an excellent interpreter of Cuban country music, so much so that she is known internationally as the Queen of the 'Punto Cubano. Read More

Opens New Website Dedicated to Cuban Fives Heroes

According to Juventud Rebelde news daily, the website is available to all those looking for information about these five anti-terrorist fighters. Read More

Singers Maria Bethania (Brazil) and Omara Portuondo (Cuba) at Canecao, in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian critics are raving at the successful joint performance offered by singers Maria Bethania (Brazil) and Omara Portuondo (Cuba) at Canecao, in Rio de Janeiro. Read More

The Cuban's Art Instructor Olga Alonso: A New Book

On the 44th anniversary of the death of Olga Alonso, representatives from the José Martí Brigade in Sancti Spíritus, Villa Clara, Cienfuegos and Ciego de Ávila paid tribute to this art instructor, who was fulfilling the mission of enlighten through culture remote places from the central region. Read More