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Brazil Out to Win at Havana Film Fest
Known for harsh movies that go direct to emotions, Salles worked this film together with Daniela Thomas.

The two filmmakers' intention was to try a fresh look on a recurrent issue in the Brazilian filmography: violence and social injustices, "the chronic absence of the father" and the almost desperate search of that lost paternal figure.

The film competed in the Cannes festival, where it did not spark off critics' enthusiasm, although actress Sandra Correloni won the feminine interpretation award.

Another film in contest is "Mare, nuestra historia de amor" (Mare, our love story), a Uruguayan-French co-production by Lucia Murat. The film mixes reality and fiction, set in the poor Rio de Janeiro neighborhoods.

The other three Brazilian movies in contest are the first works "Quero," by Carlos Cortez, "Filmefobia," by Kilo Goifman, and "Diciembre" (December), by Selton Mello, who made the jump from performance to direction, and split at par as producer and scriptwriter.

Another excellent film from that country is "Tropa de elite" (Elite troops), by Jose Padilha, screened this week, and "Blindness," by Fernando Meirelles, co-produced together with Japan and Canada.


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