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 African movies are added to Havana festival
"Munyurangabo", made by the Korean – US Lee Isaac Cheng, "La casa amarilla" (The yellow house) by the French director of Algerian origins Amor Hakkar, "Making of", by the Tunisian Nouri Bouzid and "La costa de los susurros" (The cost of whispers) by the Portuguese Margarita Cardoso are some of the most important films.

"Bamako", from Mali, "Corazones quemados" (Burned hearts) from Morocco and "Bunny Chow" and "Drum" both from South Africa are also part of this important collection.

A group of Russian movies as well as another dedicated to fantasy and horror movies of the region and 27 success of the continent will also be showed as collateral exhibitions together with the Nordic, German, Spanish, French, Italian and US cinemas.

The Havana festival will last until next 12 of December, 114 Latin American movies, among them fiction films, documentaries, cartoons, and operas prima, will compete. A total of 503 films will be showed in and out of competition.


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