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Cuba, venue for an analysis of culture and development in the Caribbean
The event is called by the intergovernmental organization Convenio Andrés Bello (CAB) and has the support of the Cuban Ministry of Culture. Cultural managers, academicians and artists from Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Belice, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago and Cuba will take part in this event.

From presentations and practical experiences will be made a two sessions exchange to create a working cultural agenda in the area.

The central theme of the proposals is to give a bigger dimension to the cultural policies that favour the respect, promotion and protection of diversity and its expressions – one of the main lines in Cuba-.

Culture and social process of local development and Cultural Patrimony and social appropriation are some of the aspects to be debated.

The meeting, known as Mesa CAB de Cultura-Gran Caribe, is a way for the cooperation dialogue and is part of the working goals of the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for development, in order to contribution in the strengthening of the cultural sector.

The Convenio Andrés Bello, is an international organization placed in Colombia, which favours the strengthening of the integration processes and the configuration and development of a common cultural space.


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