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Press Center Opens in Santiago for CARICOM Summit
The press center is located at the Las Américas Hotel, next-door from the venue of the Summit at the Hotel Santiago. The facility has computer and telecommunication rooms ready to be used by the journalists that will cover the event, which includes concurrent activities beginning Sunday with a homage to Cuban National Hero Jose Marti and to Antonio Maceo, one of the most relevant figures of the Cuban independence wars.

Reporters from the Cuban press, radio, and television are already in Santiago de Cuba, while journalists from 18 news agencies of 14 countries will be arriving to cover the event.

Juan Almeida Figueroa, leader of the Communist Party in the province, welcomed the journalists and photographers. He commented on the efforts made so that the message of friendship and the struggle for integration reaches around the world.

The Summit starts on Monday under the slogan "Cooperation for Greater Caribbean Integration."

Joining the heads of state to participate in the meeting will be Edwin W. Carrington, CARICOM secretary general; Luis Fernando Andrade, general secretary of the Association of Caribbean States and Len Ismael, general director of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.

The first work session of the summit will deal with the financial, energy, food and environmental crises and their impact on the Caribbean nations. Another topic is the role of Cuba and CARICOM in the upcoming Latin American and Caribbean Summit on Integration and Development.


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