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Cuba Opts for Linux to Guarantee Technological Independence

Assistance with the understanding and expansion of the Linux computer operating system was the main outcome of the Free Software Festival of the Youth Computing Club, which took place in the central Cuban province of Cienfuegos Read More

More than 180,000 Evacuees in Camaguey Return Home

More than 180,000 people of thoseevacuated in the central province of Camaguey before the threat of hurricane Paloma returned home after a recovery stage was declared in the areas hit by the storms. Read More

In Cuba: The exhibition of New Filmmakers is arriving to the eight edition

The VIII National Exhibition of New Filmmakers, which is sponsored by the ICAIC and held from the 24th of February and until the 1st of March 2009, is calling to present films and script projects from the 20th of September and until the 20th of December 2008. Read More

Cuban First Vice President Meets Evacuees from Area Hit by Hurricane Paloma

Cuban First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura met Sunday at the University of Camaguey with citizens evacuated from the coastal area of La Playa in the town of Santa Cruz del Sur, where Paloma made landfall Saturday evening.<br /> Read More

VI Event of Cuban playwright

The VI Event of Cuban playwright, sponsored by the Center of Documentation and Research from the Israel Moliner Rendón Staging Arts, the El Retablo Gallery and the CPAE, is taking place in Matanzas from November 9th to 13th, dedicated to theater for children and to the authors Freddy Artiles, Gerardo Fulleda León and René Fernández Santana (2007 National Theater Award). Read More

Cuba's Mass Sports Strategy Lauded

Cuba's mass sports strategy has fostered the practice of physical exercises throughout the country. Read More

Hurricane Paloma hit the area of another hurricane that devastated Santa Cruz del Sur in 1932

Cuban officials are using their experience on floods to help the devastated port of Santa Cruz del Sur recover from the second worst natural disaster in its history. Read More

Soroa's Orchid Garden Restored after Hurricanes

Soroa's Orchid Garden, in the western Cuban province of Pinar del Río, has been restored after being severely damaged by hurricanes Gustav and Ike. Read More

Cuban Dayron Robles, was chosen among the three candidates for the "Best Athletes of the Year" Award

Cuban Dayron Robles, 110 m hurdle Olympic champion in Beijing 2008, was chosen among the three candidates for the &quot;Best Athletes of the Year&quot; Award, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) reported Monday. Read More

EGREM to Release Record of Cuban Songs

EGREM, one of the most prestigious recording houses in Cuba, is preparing a record containing anthological songs from the New Song Movement. Read More