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Cuban pins, hot item in Rio-2007
The quest for sports memorabilia is already a tradition at world events, but the demand for Cuban pins or flags exceeds that of any other country participating in Rio-2007.

Voluntary workers, reporters, public in general and even sportspeople intercept members of the Cuban delegation to ask for any object with the tricolored flag of the lone star.

Cuban reporters accredited to the 15th Pan American Games have long ran out of their pin reserves and the inevitable no's disappoint the many potential collectionists.

All the corridors of Riocentro sports complex turned spontaneously into a chamber of commerce, where the public exchange their treasures in search of a more coveted item.

It is interesting, above all, because everyone likes to show their acquisitions in different parts of their clothing, from the shirts, accreditation cards to their hats.

For example, the once Cuban basketball placer, Tomas "Jabao" Herrera tours the facilities where his fellow countrymen compete, with a baseball cap completely covered with shining pins.

The sports arenas have their own souvernir shops, but even the hosts consider expensive the prices of t-shirts, towels and other products with the Rio-2007 logo.

In fact, a sporting jumpsuit of the Brazilian delegation costs around 200 dollars or 400 reales and people prefer to go for less expensive souvenirs.

Nothing cheaper than to take a picture resides one of the thousand different posters of the expensive City of Rio.

Source: By Charly Morales Valido, Prensa Latina

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