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June 25th

Other Look by Raul Martinez

Raul Martinez: Other Look, is the exhibition opened at the National Museum of Fine Arts starting next June 29 until September 3, in the 80th birthday anniversary of one of the greatest pop artists in Cuba. Read More

A Cuban Junior Pitcher who Threw a Perfect Game

Being able to pitch a perfect game is something extremely difficult. It is a coveted feat in any league or category; moreover, if it is achieved by a junior player taking part in a senior tournament, such an accomplishment becomes a sensation. Read More

Closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay has now become a priority

The White House acknowledged Friday that closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay has now become "a priority". Given that the facility has long been an international embarrassment for the United States, this is welcome news. Read More

Vietnam-Cuba: plan to create collaboration fund

The main goal of the association over the next five years is to promote activities that foster friendship and collaboration -particularly between Hanoi and Havana- through clubs, delegation exchanges, marketing and the set up of joint ventures. Read More

China to amend law to reduce energy consumption

Under heavy pressure to cut energy consumption, China is now turning the spotlight on to construction projects, the transportation sector and government buildings. Read More

Woman faces deportation for illegal voting

All of her life, Zoila Meyer believed she was an American. She even was elected to the City Council in Adelanto, a California town of about 23,000. But now she could be deported for illegally voting, because she never became a citizen after being brought to this country from Cuba when she was a year old. Read More

Yahoo will merge its search and display advertising departments in the United States

Yahoo Inc said its chief domestic sales officer resigned and the company will merge its search and display advertising departments in the United States as the Internet powerhouse fights to catch up with online search leader Google Inc. Read More

Fidel Castro warns of threats against mankind

Cuban leader Fidel Castro warned on Sunday that political underdevelopment as well as limitless and irrational techonological creations in the world today are putting mankind's survival at risk. Read More

CARICOM and the future global system

Below is an excerpt of the address by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller to the Conference on the Caribbean held in Washington, D.C., last week. This conference is more than a tribute to the long, fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship that has existed between the United States and the Caribbean. Read More

Book of Guantanamo verse to be published

A collection of poetry written by Guantanamo detainees will be published this summer. The prisoners, denied pens and paper, wrote some of the poems by scratching verses onto foam cups with pebbles. Other poems were translated into English by linguists with security clearances but no literary credentials. Read More