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New comfort on Holguin Internacional Airport

The possibility to host twice as many passengers as it used to at rush hours, currently near 1200; is the main achievement of recent works at the Holguin international airport. The building of an extension, and the modernization and reorganization of the existing facilitiesresulted from these works at the Frank Pais Garcia airfield.

According to official sources, during an act to celebrate the conclusion of the project, thanks to these investments creating 1.300 square meters extra for the service, the average waiting time is of 30 to 35 minutes, compared to the international standards of 45.

The act presided over by Miguel Diaz Canel, member of the Politburo and its first secretary in the territory and the major general Rogelio Acevedo, President of the Cuban Aeronautics Institute (Instituto de Aeronautica Civil de Cuba, IACC), was the perfect time to acknowledge several outstanding constructors and entities which efforts allowed for the happy ending of the project.

Engineer David Benitez, head manager of the Entrepreneurial base Unit of Airport Services (Unidad Empresarial de Base de Servicios Aeropuertarios, ECASA) in the eastern region, pointed out that besides the improved space for passengers, now 6 to 9 square meters per customer, there are also better conditions for the traffic, custom and immigration services which enjoy front-line-technology. There is also better air conditioning.

He also stated very precisely that the works executed, with high quality and without blocking the normal airport activities, are part of a continuous labour to better their services, and they benefit both passengers and the nearly 600 workers of this institution.

In the main speech delivered by Diaz Canel, he stated that today the Holguin airport starts anew as a door opened to the world, with beauty and comfort, as well as a kind and professional treatment from its workers, essential combination to gain efficiency.

Rogelio Acevedo pointed out that the works developed at both Villa Clara's and Holguin's airports and the good condition of the other international terminals guarantee the required conditions for a successful unfolding of the coming tourism high season.

Source: By Alexis Rojas Aguilera, Al

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