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June 27th

Cuba demands banking rights

Cuban deputies repudiated on Tuesday the decision of Swiss and Colombian banks to reject the payments of the Cuban Assembly of the People's Power (Parliament) to two international parliamentary bodies due to US pressure. Read More

Recent declassified documents prove that CIA recruited mobsters to kill Castro in 1960

According to documents released Tuesday by the CIA, mobster John Roselli, hoping to avoid deportation, threatened to expose CIA plots to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro, but the CIA refused to intercede on his behalf. Read More

China and Cuba Improve Bilateral Relations

Fernando Remírez de Estenoz, member of the Cuban Communist Party's Central Committee (CCPCC) received last Monday, the Permanent Secretary of the Central Committee's Secretariat of China's Young Communist League, Yang Yue. Read More

US Philosophers Against Cuba Blockade

The 19th Conference of Philosophers and Social Scientists of the US and Cuba came to an end after five days Friday at the University of Havana with approval of a resolution calling for "the restoration of relations that would benefit North America, Cuba and the rest of the international community." Read More

Rural Music Fest underway, Jornada Cucalambeana in Las Tunas, Cuba

Representatives from 13 countries take part in the 40th running of the National Cucalambe Festival, starting Monday evening in eastern Las Tunas province through July 1. Puerto Rico brings the largest delegation, including singer Danny Rivera, the Mapeyé National Orchestra, and a member of the Hermanos Sanabria group. Read More

Change in Trade with Cuba

Lawmakers from both the Republican party and the Democratic party are working on a new policy to expand trade with Cuba. Read More

Michael Moore and SiCKO are Welcomed in Havana

Some Canadian, French and British critics of Michael Moore have accused the U.S. filmmaker of painting a too rosy picture of the public health care systems of their countries while trying to expose his own nations shortcoming in his latest documentary SiCKO. But in Havana, where Moore shot a sequence of his film, the movie was given the highest marks and the filmmaker given support by the authorities. Read More

Cuban Professor and intellectual José Juan Arrom dies.

Now, after knowing of his death, in his home in Massachusetts, where he lived after retiring as a professor at the University of Yale, where he had a fruitful career, we feel moved, not only because of the intellect that has died, but also, and above all, because he was a human being of an extraordinary kindness and wisdom that we knew and from whom we received advice and encouragement. Read More

June 26th

Largest pink flamingo protected site in Cuba

The Fauna Refuge of the Maximo river, housing the largest population of pink flamingos in the Caribbean, was awarded the Annual National Environment Prize by the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment and the Academy of Science of Cuba. Read More

Cuban divers finish second in Grand Prix in Rostock

Cuba finished second at the Diving Grand Prix, the last of the 2007 season, held in Rostock, Germany. China finished first in the Grand Prix with 8 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medal. Cuba finished second with 1 silver and 2 bronze medals followed by Canada, Germany, Russia, Australia and Mexico. Read More