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June 22nd

Guije, a different Cuban figure

<span>One of the most famous legend characters in Cuba is the Guije.<span> </span>People use to talk about his existence mainly at the northern part of the island.<span> </span>Telling the true, for many inhabitants of the region, he has gone beyond the bounds of the immaterial world to become a nightmare.</span> Read More

Celorio, who just turned 100 years old is a man beating time

Jose Manuel Celorio Celorio, who turned 100 years old last Sunday (Fathers Day), and he celebrated his birthday surrounded by his four children, six grand-children and the same amount of great grand-children, beisdes, with the satisfaction of knowing that time has not killed his clarity yet. Read More

Succesful results in experimental cuban wind farm

Cuba&#39;s experimental wind farm located in the special municipality of Isle of Youth has saved the island&#39;s economy more than $71,000 dollars over the last four months. According to the head of the project, Evaristo Morales Avila, the windmills produced 643.84 MW/h by the end of May, which represent a saving of some 154.5 tons of fuel oil. Read More

French song festival in Havana

This June 21, 2007 will be taking place, at the Avellanada room of the Cuban National Theater, the final round of the French Song Festival in Cuba. This event, that used to be a contest until some years ago and now has become a Festival, gathers each year fans and amateurs of the French song in the biggest of the Caribbean Islands. Read More

Litz Alfonso's Ballet in Canada

Canadian mass media described as spectacular the presentations by the "Litz Alfonso" ensemble during the " Luminado " Arts Festival that took place here. Luminato was illuminated with the successful presentation, the arts critics wrote, when appraising as "impressive and successful the presentation of the Cuban ballet group at the Royal Alexandra Theater of Toronto during the event that spanned from the first to the tenth of June. Read More

Launched website about international cuban medical cooperation

Aiming at making the world learn about, be informed and up to date about Cuba's international medical cooperation activities, a new World Wide Web site named Cuba-Coopera was inaugurated recently in the Cuban capital. Read More

June 21st

Portuguese city with sculptures of a cuban artist, José Villa Soberón

Manuel Antonio da Luz, mayor of the Portuguese city of Portiamao, had requested Cuban sculptor Jose Villa Soberon carry out an artistic project showing the life of the fishermen and women of this southern port city. Read More

More female pilotes in Cuban Civil Aviation

The incorporation of women into the pilot training courses and their greater promotion to executive positions were topics dealt with during the Fourth National Meeting of Women Executives of Cuban Civil Aviation on Wednesday in the nation's capital. Read More

International Event on Mental Disorders hosted in Cuba

The 7th International Symposium on the Biological Aspects and Drug Therapy of Mental Disorders got under way in Havana on Thursday. Today's sessions dealt mostly with physiopathology and depression therapy in children. Read More

Las Tunas steel mill also produces science and technology

Anyone who sees the big pit as it swallows the metal scrap that a crane puts into it, the high temperature of the furnaces, the bubbling red hot magma, and finally the metal ingots, would think that this plant only produces steel... But Dr. Juilio Leyva Salgado has many reasons to affirm that the Las Tunas steel mill also produces science and technology. Read More