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Inhabitants of Las Tunas Benefit with Direct Sale of Milk
More than 23, 000 children, old men, sick persons and pregnant women from this eastern province of Las Tunas, benefit with the program of direct sale of milk by the near producers, as a result of a social economic conception, guided by the first vice-president of Cuba and General of Army, Raúl Castro Ruz.

The supply is linked to 566 markets, 80 percent of the total in the territory, which have received two millions 581,000 liters of the liquid, coming from cattle units of the ministries of the Agriculture, the Sugar and of the rural and cooperative sector that have signed agreements with the Ministry of Interior Trade.

On this matter, the subdelegate of the Agriculture in Las Tunas, Edilberto Pérez Infante, explained to Tiempo21 that with this modality the first social benefit is that the milk is sold cool and early to the consumers, while 624, 000 dollars are saved in the import of the powdered product whose price is 5, 200 in the international market.

This way the country avoids expenses in the transportation to the industry and saves fuel to return the liquid to its place of origin, solution that in only four months has achieved the self- consumption in five municipalities.

The implementation of the direct sale was accompanied by the elevation of the price of the product to 2.49 pesos, while the quality of the milk and the sales increased in one million 200, 000 liters.

In March this year 151 grocer stores were receiving the milk by this way of supply, and at the end of November the figure increased at 566 of those 706 that the province of Las Tunas has, and the rest of the grocer stores of three municipalities receive the supply by the former traditional way, 79 of them with cold milk from Las Tunas city, and 17 powdered, in the municipality of Jesús Menéndez.

According to Edilberto Pérez Jiménez, as a result of that strategy Las Tunas will close the year with 22 millions 500 thousand produced liters of milk, four millions 800 thousand more than in the previous period.


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