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Cuban Writers Receive Alejo Carpentier Award
Three famous Cuban writers won the Alejo Carpentier prizes in narrative, one of the most outstanding literary rewards in the country for the contribution to the creation process.

The laurels were granted in coincidence with the celebration of the 103rd birthday anniversary of that Cuban author, Cervantes prize in 1978, and the winners were Margarita Mateo, Gina Picart and Alberto Garrandés.

Margarita Mateo, with her first novel, entitled Desde los blancos manicomios, obtained the distinction in that genre, while Alberto Garrandés reached the prize in the assay category with his work on narrative speeches, history and imagination of the Cuban narrative of the 1960's.

On the other hand, the writer and journalist Gina Picart received the prize with her book Oil on Canvas, all for the originality of the topics and achievements of the language.

The Cuban Book Institute and Letras cubanas Publishing House had a magnificent idea of making coincide the announcement of these prizes with the birthday anniversary of Carpentier, as way of honoring him.

As part of this homage the author's titles, published by the collection Biblioteca Alejo Carpentier, dedicated to give to know his extensive active bibliography, will be exposed and will be sold, together with others of his works, published by Letras cubanas in last 30 years to the service of the culture. (Cuban News Agency)


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