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Santiago de Cuba will say good bye to 2007 in a very animated way
Santiago de Cuba will say good bye to 2007 in a very animated way, since its parks, squares and towns are promising a varied cultural for the enjoyment of the people offer in the year end.

Monday the 24th there was the Coffee festival at Ramón de Las Yaguas a mountainous zone of the Santiago de Cuba municipality. The festival was dedicated to the aromatic grain and there was a competition to taste the best recollected, toasted and drained coffee, as well as music and many other distractions.

The land of the fruits, El Caney, will make its main square happy on the 29th with the Sonora La Calle group, while on the next day will be remembered at the El Escandel the interview of Fidel with the Colonel Rego Rubido to define the terms of the surrender of the city in the last hours of 1958. many people in Santiago are waiting the Saturday 29th to dance with the catchy sound of the drums and flute of the popular Los Hoyos group, a centenary group that will be followed by thousand of people without distinction of race, age or sex. On that day it is announced to take place the Santiago night with varied gastronomic and cultural offers down the Victoriano Garzón avenue, while there will be an agricultural fair in the morning.

From the 29th until the 3rd of January will be held dance concerts in popular neighborhoods of the capital of the province, such as Carretera del Morro, Calle Tres, Martí, San Pedro and the urban centres José Martí and Abel Santamaría, while the park and squares will be animated with music.
During the last weekend of the year will be held at Céspedes Park a children activity with different art expressions, such as theatre and music.


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