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Parliament of Cuba Analyzes Econonic Issues
Important issues of the economic and social life of the nation will be analyzed since Wednesday in the permanent working commissions of the National Assembly of the People's Power (Cuban Parliament).

Cadres and members of the ministries of Economy, Planning, and of Finances and Prices, will expose at the plenary the development of the country in the year 2007 and they will introduce the economic and social plans and the bill of Budget of the country for the 2008.

According to the Cuban News Agency the Havana's Convention Center, will be venue of the Assembly that will analyze the tasks carried out since 2003 up to the present.

Sources from the People's Power National Assembly commented that the production and distribution of food for the population, efficiency, saving, productivity, and work discipline are other topics under analysis.

The agenda also includes the assessment of results of educative and cultural programs, and the delivery of electrical appliances to Cuban families as part of the ongoing Energy Revolution.

The commission in charge of health and sports will debate on universalization of medical sciences teaching, the new model for a degree in medicine, and use and integration of resources.

The permanent working commissions have as objective to support the Parliament and the Council of State in the highest inspection in the state organs and of the Government, to elaborate draft of laws and agreements.

They also carry out studies and participate in the checkup of the execution of the decisions adopted by the National Assembly and the Council of State that are programmed in their work plans.


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