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An ophthalmology center equipped with advanced Cuban technology will be inaugurated on Thursday in this capital with the presence of Uruguayan President Tabaré Vazquez.

The regional unit will enable about five hundred patients per year to recover their vision and correct different complaints.

The center, the only one of its type in the country, emerged from an agreement of Uruguay-Cuba Mixed Commission established in 2006 is part of the Equity Plan the government is carrying out.

Besides Vazquez the ceremony will be also attended by several ministers, among them Public Health minister Maria Julia Muñoz who will deliver the opening speech.

Over 30,000 persons demand eye surgery in a population over 3.3 million of inhabitants in this small South American nation.

Cuba has helped to cover part of this deficit through the Vision Now program, which is being developed along with Venezuela, and by which almost 2 thousand low-income Uruguayans have been operated that could not receive that kind of operation before.

Vision Now was born on July 2004 by initiatives of Cuban President Fidel Castro and was later included in the integration programs of the Bolivarian Alternatives of the Americas.


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