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Brian de Palma, one of Hollywoods most important film directors, shows all his nonconformity with US press media that have kept Bushs murders in Iraq quiet with his film "Redacted", which will be premiered in Cuba next December, on the occasion of the 29th International Film Festival of New Latin American Cinema.

The laureate filmmaker of "Los intocables", "Carlitos Way" and "Vestida para matar", among other celebrated films, asserted in London recently that with his new production "hes said what media does not do: to tell the truth".

Redacted, to most critics is the most horrifying production on the events in Iraq so far", makes use of its documentary style to tell the true story of a group of US soldiers who raped and killed an Iraqi girl in 2006, and reached the movies last Friday.

"Theres a very big difference between the war on Vietnam, in which we saw images and the war on Iraq, in which we did not", told De Palma Reuters news agency at the Venice Film Festival, where "Redacted" was premiered and earned him the Best Director Award.

"I am very angry because I think this is an important matter. I believe the fourth power disappointed us terribly", the filmmaker added.

De Palma told the press: "Everything is on the Internet, you can find it if you look for it, but its not in the mainstream. Now the media are actually part of the corporate system", he concluded.

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