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Fishers from Casilda, a sea-side community in the southern municipality of Trinidad, in central Cuba, continue to explore the litoral waters looking for lobsters in order to complete the 26 tons left to accomplish the present-year-290-ton plan.

Edel González Pérez, director of the Casilda-based fish company PESCASILDA, told Escambray about the efforts made by these fishermen -the only ones nationwide to catch the crustacean by diving into the sea- not to spoil them, since the sale prices in the market depend on both the size and the appearance of the shellfish.

Over 3 000 fishing boat are linked to the activities of the divers, who are supposed to plunge into the water a hundred times a day to catch the so-called Queen on the Caribbean Sea.

The present condition of the vessels, the strict respect for the close season, the correct implementation of the payment systems, the caring about the workers as well as the in-due- time-industrial processes have greatly helped the productivity of the business, said González.

He also added that a new pond will soon be available next to the industrial facility which will guarantee an adequate selection of the lobster that are sold alive.

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