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House of Africa: 21 years promoting cultural roots

At one of the colonial houses in Obrapía street, Old Havana, number 157, where used to be a tobacco warehouse and a commercial center by the end of the 19th century, arose the House of Africa 21 years ago, a historical center belonging to Havana's Historian Office. Read More

María Elena Molinet: Teaching is my Passion

For the dean of Cuban design, María Elena Molinet, National Prize for Theater, recently granted next to René de la Cruz, Eduardo Pascual, and René Fernández, represents "an elevated honor. I had been nominated several times before for this Prize and when I was finally told that I had won it I began to cry. I cried tears of happiness, and satisfaction. Read More

Wide open gate to guitar orchestras

The idea of releasing the 1st Festival of Guitar Orchestras in the eastern province of Las Tunas this year credits the collective effort excelled in the territory for developing art formation. Details about this first musical gathering coming in May were made known in the annual meeting of the local Culture sector presided over by its Vice-Ministry Rubén del Valle. Read More

OECS shows concern for Haiti, Cuba in Caricom Cricket World Cup visa

Members of the OECS Authority have lamented that it was unfortunate that nationals of Haiti and Cuba have to present a Special Caricom Visa to visit countries in the Single Domestic Space established for ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. Read More

Silvio Rodriguez to perform in Chile

Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez chose March to perform again before the Chilean people in several stages in Santiago, where hell launch his new musical production "Érase que se era". Two years ago, and at the mythical "Víctor Jara" Stadium of the Chilean capital, large crowds followed his voice and guitar and enjoyed the concerts of the tour "Cita con ángeles". Read More

Begins Casa de las Americas Award

After the presentation of the Jury and the opening speech of the Colombian theatre actor Santiago García, special guest of the event, will be inaugurated this Monday the Casa de las Americas Awards 2007. In this 48th edition of the award 427 unpublished works of the letters in Latin American will vie for the award in the genres novel, theater, literature testimony, and essay of artistic literary theme. Read More

Cuba Celebrated Her Scientists Day

Cuba celebrated Science Day on Monday, when the highest national price, the Carlos J. Finlay Order, will be awarded. Carlos J. Finlay was the discoverer of the yellow fever transmitting agent. On January 15, 1960 Cuban President Fidel Castro made the point that the future of Cuba had to be necessarily a future of scientists. Read More

Cuba creates language multimedia for the deaf

Special school's teachers from the eastern province of Las Tunas created the first bilingual digital dictionary of the Cuban Sign Language (LSC), local press media highlighted Sunday. According to the island educational model Beatriz Cespedes and Elizar Rodriguez , interpreter and computing teacher of the Scholl Pelayo Paneque respectively, conceived the sign system multimedia. Read More