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Cuba certifies salvadoran Medicine Lab

CECMED, Cuba's medication regulatory agency, has certified the production practices of Lopez Pharmaceutical Labs in El Salvador, guaranteeing that medicines produced there imported by the island fulfill quality, security and efficiency requirements. Read More

Cuba announces new TV News Channel

Cuba s new TV news channel ACN, a new information support with a dynamic vision of Cuban life, was presented Thursday at the 8th National Written Press Festival, that concluded Friday at the Havana Convention Center. Read More

Nicaragua resumes relations with Cuba

Nicaragua's Sandinista President Daniel Ortega on Thursday said his country would resume diplomatic relations with Cuba. Nicaragua maintained diplomatic relations with Cuba during Ortega's first term from 1979 to 1990, but ties were broken after he left the office. Read More

Health trials underway in central Cuba

The Camilo Cienfuegos hospital in central Sancti Spiritus is conducting tests to evaluate the efficiency and safety of four treatments used nationwide, reported Escambray newspaper online. Read More

Farmers as plant breeders - is Cuba ahead of the game?

A workshop on Organic Seed Systems and Participatory Plant Breeding held at HDRA on Tuesday 20 February will give growers, researchers and advisors the opportunity to discuss and learn from experiences in the UK, Europe and Cuba. Read More

Fidel Castro `in good spirits,' eldest son says

The eldest son of Cuban leader Fidel Castro said his father is 'optimistic.' Read More

Statue in Cuba's capital brings strokes of luck

In Cuba's capital, there's a new custom: to stroke the sculpture of the "Gentleman from Paris." Read More