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By Ignacio M. Doubrechatt

Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez chose March to perform again before the Chilean people in several stages in Santiago, where hell launch his new musical production "Érase que se era".

Two years ago, and at the mythical "Víctor Jara" Stadium of the Chilean capital, large crowds followed his voice and guitar and enjoyed the concerts of the tour "Cita con ángeles".

Veritable living legend of the Latin American song, the author of anthological themes such as "Unicornio" and "La era está pariendo un corazón" not only took over his fans but the new generations as well, and remained forever in the imaginary of thousands of southern youths.

The lauded artist will perform in the capitals Santiago Arena on March 1, in the Viña del Mars Municipal Theater on March 6 and in the Maule Regional Theater in the southern city of Talca on March 8, International Womens Day.

Accompanied in his performances by a gigantic chorus, composed of those who have followed his career, many times through his discography, Silvio Rodríguez will hold again that moving dialog between the creator and his public, in which the strings are not the only ones that sound but the souls as well.

The Chilean press announces this tour and remarks the aesthetic and ethic values of the artist, who has become a leading figure of the sonorous universe of thousands of people throughout the continent, particularly, in such countries as Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, where his songs became a symbol of love and freedom in the tragic days for those nations of the Southern Cone.

Hence the extra significance of Silvios performances, in which art and above all, its highest expression, music, serves as a bridge for friendship and reencounter, in the space and time where old and current compositions, as well as classical themes and new productions meet.

Source: CubaSi

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