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Artists color life in Cuba

Drake exhibit ripe with innovation after Iowa native helps open importation doors. Outrage isn't an emotion most people associate with Iowans. But when Mason City native Sandra Levinson learned that Americans couldn't legally import Cuban artwork, well, let's just say she wasn't happy. Read More

Cuban renewable energy lab wins International Award

The Energy Globe, the world award for sustainability, was granted to the Renewable Energy Laboratory at the University of Oriente in Santiago de Cuba, in recognition of its efforts to find solar alternatives for energy generation. The annual international prize, sponsored by the United Nations, the European Council of Renewable Energy, the World Bank and other international institutions, honors environmentally-friendly energy projects. Read More

Cuban popularity in Indonesia

Many of the international aid teams that descended on Indonesia after the 27 May earthquake in Java have packed up and gone home. But a medical team from Cuba has proved so popular that locals have asked it to stay on for another six months. Read More

Cuba received 30,000 Argentine tourists in 2006

THE influx of Argentine tourists to diverse Cuban destinations was in excess of 30,000 last year, thanks to the islands attractive offers. Managers at the Cuban Tourism Office for the Southern Cone, with offices in Buenos Aires, noted that the figure surpassed initial predictions for 2006, which had been for 27,500 Argentine visitors. Read More

Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Cuba win Casa 2007 Prizes

Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Cuba led the vanguard of good Latin American literature by winning the Casa 2007 Prizes, convened from January 15 to its closure yesterday in the Che Guevara Hall of this Cuban institution. Read More

Distressed Chinese ship was heading for Cuba

The Coast Guard says a damaged Chinese cargo ship that's making an unscheduled stop on Oahu was heading to Cuba among other spots in the Caribbean before it ran into trouble. Read More

Nicaragua to Implement Cuban Literacy Program

The education of all children and the elimination of illiteracy are among the major challenges of the newly installed Nicaraguan government Read More