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Ancient music within aged stones

Ancient compositions and musical instruments attract Medieval Area, Renaissance and Baroque lovers, who will find in the 5th Ancient Music Festival Esteban Salas a good choice and space to discover other related sacred melodies. This years event runs from January 27 through February 4. Read More

COI recognizes Cuban Sport groups function

Jose Ramon Fernandez, president of the Cuban Olympic Committee delivered in this municipality, a recognizing trophy to the Sport Groups, sent by the International Olympic Committee (COI). The vice-president of the Cuba Ministers Council highlighted that such merit was possible thanks to the contribution to the development of sports for all. Read More

Cuban women to participate in Forum

The Cuban woman will have a more active participation in the XV National Forum of Science and Technique that will start on Tuesday in this capital. More than 100,000 women launched their projects of solution to the problems in different branches of economy Read More

US Doc praises Cuba-Venez eye operation

The US ophthalmologist and professor of Illinois University James Phillips highlighted the innovative value of the Venezuelan health system that allow poor people to have medical treatment. Phillips came to Venezuela with Patty Nealon, the first US woman operated for cataracts free in the South American country, as part of the joint program called Mission Milagro implemented between Venezuela and Cuba. Read More

Sting hones his salsa technique on a visit to Cuba

When Sting arrives back home from his trip to Cuba, he will have some passionate new Latin moves under his belt, thanks to some expert tuition in Havana. The yoga aficionado has been swatting up on his dancing since arriving in the Cuban capital on Wednesday. Read More

International labor to meet in Cuba

An international gathering in defense of labor rights and social security in light of neoliberal policies will meet in Havana March 12 and 13. Convoked by the Association of American Lawyers and Labor Lawyers, it is sponsored by the US National Lawyers Guild and the Union of Cuban Lawyers. Read More

Cuba: Yes I can method for other languages

The Cuba literacy method Yes I Can is being applied in different languages, including indigenous, with satisfactory results, its author doctor Leonela Relys explained. The best example is Venezuela, the second nation free of literacy in Latin America, where the method has been practiced since 2003, she pointed out. Read More