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Toward the pre-Olympic test

To Cuban sport the year 2006 wont pass into history as one of the best first level performances and provided that since early in 2007 there will be opportunities enough to measure again our real sportive potentials. Read More

Blanca Rosa Blanco: prize for Popularity

Definitively, the house where she was born, the coconut tree that was there, the first friend, the family, have surely marked the life of Blanca Rosa Blanco, the actress who still being a child sought every possible way to get others attention, reciting poetries she still didnt know how to read. Read More

Praga: Mozart to the beat of salsa

The German trio Klazz Brothers and Cuban duo Percussion will join in Praga to play Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to the beat of Caribbean rhythms. Read More

Cuba's youth newspaper warns against consumerism after rise in holiday shopping

Cuba's official youth newspaper on Sunday reported an increase in holiday toy shopping this year and expressed concern that growing celebration of religious holidays could bring a rise in consumerism on the communist-run island. Read More

Cuban "Operation Miracle" programs restores sight to 10,000 ecuadorians

More than 10,000 eye surgery operations have been carried out in Ecuador under the Operation Miracle program that Cuba is carrying out in several Latin American countries, according to information provided today by government sources. Read More

Haitian author honored in Cuba

Haitian author Laennec Hurbon was given a special award by Cubas Fernando Ortiz Foundation for his research into Haitian ethnography, functions of the Haitian state and his countrys policies. Read More

Two-headed snake found in Cuba

A particular discovery of an odd Santa Maria snake with two living heads impressed even the oldest residents of a small village in Matanza, Cuba. Read More