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Cuban petroleo
Cuba will end 2006 fulfilling oil and natural gas production plans and new gas-based power generators in operation.

Carlos Lage, Secretary of the Council of Ministers Executive Committee, rounded production to over 3.9 million tons which is 50 percent of the domestic consumption that helped to half imports.

Vice President Lage toured ENERGAS Cuban-Canadian joint venture and the thermoelectric plant in Santa Cruz del Norte that filters the accompanying gas.

The official said Cuba now enjoys another 400 MW installed capacity after some 140 MW were added in 2006, plus an expected 70 MW addition in 2007.

Lage, accompanied by Basic Industry Minister Yadira Garcia, witnessed the connection of a near 9.32 mile gas pipeline from deposits at north Havana coast to Puerto Escondido gas plant.

The official recalled that producing power with gas is cost- effective and environment-friendly.

The Cuban official said Cuba enlarged its gas processing capacity, supplying manufactured gas plants and drilled 30 new oil wells, six Cuban and the rest in joint ventures.

Lage told the press that Cuba already counts on seven new drilling machines to expand its 2007 output.

Source: Prensa Latina

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