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Frank Fernández

Cuban pianist Frank Fernández closed the 18th Morelia International Music Festival "Miguel Bernal Jiménez" with a concert at the Museum of Fine Arts in Mexico City.

Fernández was largely applauded by the audience, after performing Sergei Rachamaninoffs Piano and Orchestra Concerto No. 2 in C minor.

The National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba (OSNC) accompanied the prestigious soloist, who also offered pieces by Mexican Miguel Bernal Jiménez and Cuban Ernesto Lecuona.

In his brilliant 47-year-old artistic streak, Frank Fernández has been acknowledged by the public and specialized critics from 33 countries for his value within world music.

His contributions to piano teaching, his compositions and discographic production, together with his work as a cultural promoter, strengthen him as a loyal exponent of the Cuban culture.

The last day of the prestigious fest also saw the performance by soprano Bárbara María Llanes Zertucha, who delighted the audience with "Noche en Morelia", "María la O" and "Cecilia Valdés" in a demonstration of her magnificent gifts.

Mexican Fernando Lozano was charged with direction of the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba, performance added to his outstanding conduction of operas and of the main symphony bands of his country, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Canada Poland, Puerto Rico, Spain, United States, France, Russia and Venezuela.

Source: CubaSi

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